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Legal system of the Republic of Poland

General information | Polish legal system

The continental law system is in force in Poland. EU law is directly applicable. The Polish legal system has developed in close connection with the system of German and French law. The Polish legal system is based on the rule of law. In addition, general European legal traditions such as the fundamental rights of citizens and the sanctity of law are respected.

Sources of Polish legislation

The main source of Polish legislation is written law. The most important source of national regulations is the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, laws, regulations issued by the Council of Ministers and individual ministries.

Polish judicial system

According to the Polish constitution, the judicial authority belongs to independent courts. At the top of the system is the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Moreover, the Polish judicial system can be divided into two categories. First, the ordinary courts dealing with civil and criminal cases. Second, administrative courts dealing mainly with disputes between a public authority and private individuals.

Business opportunities

Poland has a stable economy with an established macroeconomic position. Unique conditions for opening and conducting business are supported by the repeatedly proven resilience to economic crises.

Poland is one of the most industrialized countries in the EU (seventh in this respect). The raw material and energy industry is the driving force for the entire economy. Many products from Poland go to foreign markets – apart from the above mentioned, copper, furniture and food is exported. The automotive industry is also among the best performing in the country.